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Any CAMARADERIE in tennis?

Not sure if JohnnyMac in the back agrees about it...

Have you ever lived months and months (or even years) of your life without tennis... let's say... due to injury, for instance? Now: if you are italian you might be like Alfa Romeo on the court, with a certain style but breaking down all the time; it's what we call an unreliable toy. Well, if you happen to be like that ( me: I'm sorry for you...) you might start asking your self what do you miss about tennis when you can not play? Actually: do you miss something related to the game? The competition? The adrenaline of aces during double when your partner at the net looks at you like you are the best partner in the world? The exercise in the morning when the sun is not so strong and the air fresh? The elegance of a one hand backhand passing shot? In some cases the inner reflection goes for a question looking at a "long term plan" of life... where I see myself not so young and I answer: <<no tennis means no camaraderie>>. That's what maybe is going missing with the lack of tennis... See if you ever felt anything similar... but do not confuse friendship with camaraderie... tennis friends are forever... tennis camaraderie is till the strings don't break :}

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