Junior Program at The Knick

The Knick sponsors a free, instructional summer program for local kids ages 5-18 to introduce them to tennis, grow their level of skill over the course of the summer season, and offer them the opportunity to apply for scholarships to continue their training during the indoor tennis season. 


     This free summer program was initiated in 2003 by Winston Ramsey, one of the club's two pros who also grew up in central Brooklyn.  The program began as a  6-week, 2-hour instructional program meeting twice per week.  Through personal contacts and word of mouth, the program has doubled in size, from an initial total of 45 children to a roster of over 75 children registered for the 2018 summer season.


We are lucky to have very talented members who helped us with our video and photographs for our Junior program.  Thank-you to Jackie Weisberg for her beautiful photos and Charlie DeBenedittis and his production team for the vimeo video.  

Please watch this short video about the Knickerbocker Junior Program