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Roland Garros with an italian in semis?

What a strange population are the Italians...

So... in the most tragic time for Italy, when the political situation is a total turmoil and the World Football Cup will not welcome the "Azzurri" in Russia, I smile in saying: this is Italy... a Nation that is a complete mess... but a wonderful one!... When everything seems lost, then, it seems that the Italians are surprising us all and capable of THE exploit. So here is the unseeded Marco Cecchinato, for one day capable of letting us forget of the shame of italian politics, and major football scorn. Marco from Sicily, region famous for the incredibly beautiful Greek ruins and more recently for the "immigrant camps" where Sicily is trying to cope with thousands and thousands of immigrant crossing desperately the Meditteranean sea searching for "hope". And... in the perfect dodgy sicilian way, the international press reminded us how Marco was also charged with match fixing and prohibited match betting in 2016... However, his appeal was successful and his ban was lifted shortly after. Cecchinato's first ATP title came in Budapest earlier this year but now he is in the Semis of the all time beautiful Roland Garros grand slam tournament. Here is the perfect example of a talented italian: unexpected, complicated and not seeded, probably disappearing forever after Domenic Thiem semifinal loss, a man moved and moving us with tears and drama after the victory against The Djoker... Marco: never a winner always an underdog... till now... he epitomizes Italy... that difficult, unexpected, complicated mess, somehow, sometimes working very well... most of the time not really in the headlines. Good luck Italy... you will need it.

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